Frequently Asked Questions:

• How many tons can fit for 20’ container and 40’ container?
- Normally, 20’ container can fit granules 16.5- 17 tons and 40’ container around 25 -27 tons.

• How’s the packing of plastic granules?
- We have 2 standard of packings which are non-printed PP woven sacks with 25 net weight packed, and new Jumbo bags with 650-750 kg packed on wooden pallets.

• What forms can we provide for international market?
- We can submit the Certificate of Origin (Form E), (Form AI), (Form AK), (Form D) and other forms with prior notice.

• How many kg of plastic sample can be requested free of charges?
- Free samples and delivery for domestic up to 1 kg.
- For international, free sample up to 25 kg with your own cost of delivery.



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